Friday, 27 December 2013

Digitization In Kenya

The world abuzz with digitization of cable TV, by 2015, and media blackout to millions of viewers. Digitization should not come at the expense of taxpayers money and then again forcing millions who cant afford the STB ,Set Top Box which Asian nations have embraced and which is cheaper and clear, but it took a while and proper consultations with the PPP Public Private Partners.
Proper explanation's of the digitization platforms and technical terms, the differences between analog and digital signals, cable TV and Digital TV, Decoders and STB- Set Top Boxes..
Digitization comes with many channels and clarity is the key, the introduction of HD channels.High Definition both video and audio. The introduction of DTH, Direct To Home which will have satellite dishes or receiver's on the rooftops of the people,
Analog- used in standard television aspect ration 4: 3 picture quality is lower by five times
Digital-digital signal has clear reception of images sound and videos...aspect ratio is 16:9 and the crystal clear reception with a 5 times resolution of videos and audio signals
Analog Cable services
Digital Cable services..
Digital DTH Cable services

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